October 24, 2021

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Who is Jessica Zhang? Petition for Cornell student to be expelled goes viral!

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Cornell University student Jessica Zhang has a popular TikTok account with over half a million followers – but her fellow college students want her expelled!

Jessica Zhang is well known on TikTok for her videos which give tips for students applying to or starting college, and you’ve probably seen her videos appear on your For You page.

However, students have started a petition to get Jessica Zhang to leave her college after they claim she was not considerate of Covid-19 safety regulations.

The news quickly spread and went viral online – but who exactly is Jessica Zhang?

@zhangarang TikTok

Who is Jessica Zhang?

Jessica Zhang, better known by her username @zhangarang is a popular TikTok user with 550,000 followers on the social media app.

The 18-year-old from Michigan attends Cornell University, an Ivy League school in Ithaca, New York, and has dedicated her whole TikTok account to this.

She bases all of her videos around her time at university, helping her followers with tips and tricks for their college life. This includes topics such as admissions, money-saving, essay writing, scholarships, studying and loads more.

Cornell students want Jessica Zhang expelled

Although Zhang may be popular on TikTok, she certainly isn’t popular at college right now, as many people are fighting for the freshman to be expelled.

This comes after Jessica Zhang allegedly hosted and attended parties in Collegetown amid the Covid-19 pandemic, reports the Washington Post. Students are arguing that Zhang has completely disregarded coronavirus social distancing rules, and is therefore putting other people in danger.

Cornell University report that they have only currently had 30 positive Covid-19 cases on campus, but students argue it is people like Jessica Zhang who will force the numbers to rise.

Students even started a petition

A group of students at Cornell even started an online petition for Jessica Zhang to be expelled. The petition, which has been posted on Change.org, has already had 2,764 signatures – presumably mostly from other people on the campus.

The petition says:

“Jessica Zhang has shown that she does not care to comply to public safety measures and wants to put other citizens at risk for the sake of her own entertainment. These are NOT what Cornell students value and she is a horrible representation of what the university stands for during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC.”

It then continues to claim that students who do not comply with safety measures need to be held accountable for their actions. “If this is the type of behavior that Jessica Zhang is willing to publicly show, she does not need to be a student at Cornell,” it says.

“Please sign this petition in support of removing her status as a student at Cornell. She does not belong at an institution where she recklessly endangers local residents, students, and disparages the reputation of Cornell.”

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