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Total Profile: Top, Bodyweight, Biography – Health and fitness Volt

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The Hodgetwins (Keith and Kevin Hodge) are a famous physical fitness YouTube duo consisting of twin brothers. This is their full profile, biographies, coaching regimens, eating plan strategy, and far more. 

Keith and Kevin Hodge

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Hodgetwins Posing

Athlete Stats

Entire Names: Keith and Kevin Hodge
Pounds Height Age
205 – 215lbs (88.5 – 93.0kg) 6’3″ (190.5cm) 45 years
Day of Delivery Period Nationality
September 17, 1975 2000, 2010 American

Early Life 

Keith and Kevin Hodge ended up born in Martinsville, Virginia, United states. 

They were being the youngest out of the siblings, getting an more mature brother and sister. The twins grew up really lousy and have instructed stories on their YouTube channel about how they ended up desperate at instances due to possessing nothing. So they frequently resorted to shoplifting.

Which is pretty ironic mainly because they sooner or later landed a work where by their duty was to capture shoplifters.

Keith and Kevin served time in the Marine Corps and pursued a occupation in finance, on the other hand, this definitely wasn’t the appropriate path for them. So they desired to go after comedy and commenced making YouTube skits in 2008. And eventually, they determined to remodel their physiques which led them to write-up video clips about relationships, exercise, and more.

The twins would often post their physique progress and they grew to become a go-to resource on health.

They grew to become more and more additional well known and very shortly, the Hodgetwins rose to web fame. They are recognized for generating hilarious videos with each other where they engaged in playful banter and came up with a number of renowned catchphrases.

This is all just advice. Do whatever the f–k you wanna do!

Hodgetwins Job

By 2014, the Hodgetwins were being conditioning superstars and it was impossible to not have listened to of them if you had been a regular viewer of health and fitness YouTube channels. They have a number of million subscribers combined among their various channels.

As a consequence of their level of popularity, they commenced getting heaps of notice not only from subscribers from the media. And it was not extensive right before they had been on journal covers, promoting their clothes/health supplement line, and touring the environment executing comedy display tours. The Hodgetwins had become icons.

There have been quite a few estimates of their web worthy of ranging from $3-5 million.

Particular Daily life

Keith and Kevin Hodge purchased townhouses proper upcoming to every single other as they every single have their have households. They equally have a handful of young children every.

The Hodgetwins have a number of distinctive YouTube channels exactly where they give marriage advice, share their political views, offer health assistance, vlog, check out out new quick foodstuff selections, and Keith’s daughter has a channel on their website page as very well. 

The twins regularly do comedy excursions of which you can see the program for on their website and they’ve also carried out some performing.

The Hodgetwins
The Hodgetwins

Hodgetwins Coaching Routine

The Hodgetwins have often preached retaining issues basic and not overthinking it. Having said that, with so numerous many years of training practical experience and the results to demonstrate they know what they’re accomplishing, the twins have uncovered what will work finest for them by way of trial and mistake. 

As a consequence, they do offer teaching information dependent on their encounter and most a short while ago produced a YouTube video clip titled, “What is the greatest bodybuilding schedule?” offering pretty advantageous information and facts on coaching frequency.

Whichever education regime you come to a decision to go with, you make certain you strike every single overall body portion twice a week. If you’re not hitting each individual system component 2 times a 7 days then your bullshitting.”

Let’s say you do a drive day with chest shoulders and triceps, for the next 48-72 hours following that exercise routine, your body is building some muscle mass. Following those people 72 hrs, that protein synthesis has long gone down so now you have to get back again there and split individuals muscle groups down yet again and start off that muscle mass-creating cycle all over again.”

You are likely to make all varieties of gains!

So they base their teaching regimes on this crucial data.

Hodgetwins 1

Hodgetwins instance leg exercise session routine…

The subsequent exercise routine was from a extra current education video clip that the twins shared to their channel, TwinMuscle. They really don’t commonly go way too hefty with leg schooling. 

Leg press 

Leg extension

Leg curls 

Abductor machine

Standing calf raises

Hodgetwins instance chest and shoulder routine…

Incline bench push

Decrease Hamer Strength press

Machine flys superset w/thrust-ups

  • A couple of sets each and every workout (flys x 12 reps and drive-ups x 10 reps)

Upright cable rows superset w/ dumbbell lateral raises

  • A couple of sets just about every training (rows x 12 reps and lateral raises x 10 reps)

Seated Smith machine shoulder push superset w/ dumbbell lateral raises

  • A handful of sets just about every exercising (shoulder press x 8 reps and lateral raises x 15 reps

Rear delt cable flys

Tricep rope pushdowns


Eating plan and Diet

Like with schooling, the Hodgetwins like to continue to keep matters relatively simple but however ideal for their goals. They also do not hold again when it will come to seeking new quick food goods at a wide range of sites on their channel, TwinMuscle. Despite the fact that, this is only the case for one meal out of the day, and the rest is more healthy alternatives. 

And they’ll ordinarily choose for the speedy-food items alternatives adhering to a work out when the entire body can most effective benefit from the energy and protein rather than store it as fats. To keep lean they also do some leap rope for cardio in addition to their intense coaching plan.

In common, although, they make absolutely sure to get in enough protein for the objective of setting up and preserving muscle mass. So if they’re reducing (burning extra fat) for instance, they’ll do significant-protein and then they fill in the rest with carbs and some extra fat to ensure they get in plenty of nourishment to assist their gains!

But they do not just observe one solitary nutritional strategy as they typically have tons of assortment.

Hodgetwins Gym
Hodgetwins Gym

Further Data

Keith and Kevin Hodge have really appear a long way with their online achievements and the notice they have obtained mainly because of their tricky get the job done is nicely-deserved. 

They went from inadequate little ones in Virginia to huge names in the fitness market with a large fanbase all-around the globe. The Hodgetwins continue on to offer price to their viewers and lovers which has authorized them to do what they do and we really do not see them stopping whenever quickly! 

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