January 30, 2023

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Signs Your Wife Still Loves You Even When She Says She Doesn’t – Help for Husbands

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Your wife says she doesn’t love you anymore. You’re unsure if that’s grounded in reality or if she’s just saying it to hurt you. You wonder given the fact that the two of you have been arguing more than ever and she knows exactly what to say to cause you emotional pain. You adore her though and even through all the hard times you two have faced you’ve never wavered on how committed you are to her and to the love you share. Now you’re faced with the knowledge that she says she doesn’t care about you, but is it real? There are some signs your wife still loves you that should help you get a glimpse into what’s really going on inside of her.

One of the signs your wife still loves you despite what she says is she worries about you. She’ll ask you whether or not you’ve taken your daily vitamins or she’ll chastise you for something unhealthy that you’re eating that you know you shouldn’t be. She may tell you that it’s just human nature to do these things, but it does go beyond that. She definitely still has a desire to protect and nurture you and that’s part of loving someone.

You can also tell if your wife still has strong feelings for you if she gets upset when she catches you glancing in the direction of another woman. Jealousy is typically born from a place of love and adoration. It shows that she wants to be equal to that woman in your eyes. If your wife didn’t care for you anymore, it wouldn’t matter to her whether you looked at another woman or went over to talk to one. Her reaction is a good way to tell where her heart really is.

Most women will want either a trial separation or a divorce once they fell they’re falling out of love. They won’t see any promise in the marriage anymore and will be ready to move forward with their lives. If your wife hasn’t brought this up at all you can take that as sign that she still does love you. It’s important for you to recognize that it also means that you now have a second chance to prove to her how vital your relationship can be to both of you. It will allow you the opportunity to help her rediscover the love she once felt for you.

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