October 23, 2021

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John Travolta Researched Drug Use By Consuming Tequila and Lying at the Base of a Very hot Pool With His Spouse

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Superior actors, like John Travolta, investigate their roles right before they choose on a aspect. The skill to actually get into the state of mind of their characters can be the variance concerning an astounding performance and a mediocre a single. Often, on the other hand, the roles are so weird that the “research” takes on a significantly strange edge. 

That was the scenario for Travolta as he attempted to put together for his legendary job in Quentin Tarantino’s typical film Pulp Fiction. His character’s drug use was unfamiliar to Travolta, so he talked to a authentic-lifestyle recovering heroin addict to get some guidelines. The result still left Travolta and his spouse drunk in a warm tub. 

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