January 30, 2023

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How To Give Your Girlfriend or Wife an Amazing Massage

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This Valentine’s Day, add a special touch to anything you have planned by ending the evening with a super fabulous massage just for her. This selfless act is not only a super romantic way to make her feel special and show her how much you care, but also gives her a chance to relax and be pampered by you. So get ready to rock her world with a sexy and sensual massage she’ll hopefully never forget!

Getting Prepared:

Step 1: Choosing the Space

So before we get to the part where she’s almost (or completely) naked and covered in oil, make sure you have everything well thought out. It’s important to create a comfortable space free of distractions (i.e. cell phones off!) where you can set the mood for a romantic massage. The bedroom is likely an ideal spot for most, but creating a soft surface on the floor also works great. If you’re using the bed, be sure it’s well-prepared by using clean sheets (that she’s OK with getting oil on, since it can stain) or even covering the bed with towels. Presentation is important here, so make sure it looks nice, and whatever you do, no tacky beach towels! If you’re desperate, check the dollar store for some white or neutral colored towels or bed sheets that won’t set you back too much. Staining her 600 thread-count Egyptian cotton bedding with massage oil is not romantic!

Step 2: Setting the Mood

Now that you have the space chosen, it’s important to make sure you have all of the massage elements that are essential to setting the mood and creating the proper ambiance. It’s up to you how far you want to take it, but things like scented candles (avoiding anything too perfumey or strong), rose petals, and calming music are all great ways to set a relaxing atmosphere and make it romantic.

Step 3: Getting the Products

Having a nice massage oil on hand is critical to achieving a relaxing experience for both of you. Avoid anything too heavily scented, and look for products specifically for massages, since these provide the nicest texture and won’t absorb too quickly (re-applying every minute ruins the flow). If you’re looking for an alternative to massage oils, there are also massage bars that melt on contact with skin, as well as massage candles that double as heated oil when poured onto the skin. Although they provide the most pleasant experience, you don’t necessarily need fancy massage products to get the job done. In a pinch, you can use a rich body butter, baby oil, or sunflower oil, adding a few drops of an essential oil for fragrance. Olive oil is an absolute don’t! Smelling like a Greek salad is not a great way to put her in the mood. Also avoid lube. Sure, it works, but it’s also suggestive and slightly crude. Let’s stay classy.

Applying Techniques:

Step 4: Giving the Massage

Now, the most important part; giving an amazing massage. Once she’s lying down, place a pillow under her feet to make her more comfortable. Carefully pour a bit of massage oil into your hands and rub them together. This warms the oil up, and is better than pouring it directly on her skin, which can be cold and a bit jolting. Avoid using too much oil, which will make the massage slippery and difficult (you can always add more). Slow, continuous movement is important for a good massage. Allow one stroke to lead into another, as you slowly shift to other areas of her body. Begin with her neck and shoulders, using your thumbs and finger tips to knead her skin gently. Apply less pressure to her neck, as this area is usually very tender to the touch. Gradually move in a circular motion from her upper back, to her sides, and then down towards her lower back. Apply additional oil as you need, and continue working down both of her legs (focusing on one leg at a time), until you reach her feet. Massage the soles of her feet in steady circular motions with your thumbs, applying slightly more pressure to avoid tickling her.

Step 5: Knowing the Pleasure Points

Pay attention to areas of her body that aren’t frequently stimulated. Try caressing erogenous zones such as the back of her knees, her ears, nape of her neck, and her wrists. Be sure not to forget massaging her scalp, as this area often gets overlooked during a massage. Just make sure your hands are free of oil if you go near her hair, or that nice idea may not be so welcomed by her.

Step 6: Getting her Feedback

Communication is the key to an amazing massage. Always be paying attention to her body language and how she responds to different strokes, the pressure level, and where you’re massaging her. If you’re unsure, gently ask her what feels good, and if the pressure is okay. Spend extra time on the areas that she responds positively to with verbal cues or physical signs of enjoyment.

Other Considerations:

Keep distractions to a minimum. This experience should be about the two of you connecting and enjoying your time together, so cell phones, TV’s, and any other potential distractions should be removed.

Avoid rushing and set aside enough time. To properly give a massage, you should be spending at least 20-30 minutes on her. The slower and longer you can massage her, the more relaxing and sensual the experience will be.

Turn the heat up – literally. It’s not fun to be exposed and covered in oil when you’re freezing. By keeping the temperature over 75 degrees F, you’ll ensure she stays warm and comfortable so she’s able to enjoy the experience.

Be gentle. Go easy there, Hulk. It’s important to remember the pressure level you might prefer is likely not what feels best for her. She’s delicate and women are much more sensitive to touch than men, so ease up on the pressure. Unless she requests otherwise, light gentle strokes are usually preferred.

Don’t forget extras. This all depends on your relationship level, personal preferences, and your imagination. Incorporating other elements can eventually lead a sensual massage into naughtier territory and be a perfect way to spice it up a little. Items such as feather ticklers, heated lubricants, blind folds, and edible body paints are great ways to add some sexy fun.

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