October 23, 2021

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Curvy Spouse Dude is Thriving on TikTok

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Display screen grab of Robbie Tripp’s most preferred TikTok
Photo: robbietripp/TikTok

I regret to advise you that Curvy Spouse Guy is back again. I also regret to advise you that he hardly ever really went away. Right after his viral 2017 Instagram post about how considerably he enjoys his curvy wife — which was both celebrated as physique constructive and dragged as white-knighting masked as feminism — the Curvy Wife Dude, a.k.a. Robbie Tripp, completely leaned into his “I bravely appreciate my spouse who is not a measurement 2” persona. He launched a one called “Chubby Pretty,” which has lyrics like, “Her inner-thighs chafe / She knows how they taste.” He wrote a ebook with the tagline, “An abstract manifesto for disruptive creativity.” He threatened to sue Babe.internet for comparing his reserve to the Unabomber’s manifesto. He and his spouse, trend blogger Sarah Tripp, ended up known as out for aged racist and transphobic tweets. He ongoing posing with his wife’s ass. The gentleman has been occupied! Now, Tripp is performing the inevitable: reemerging on TikTok.

He at present has just below 20,000 followers on TikTok and a collective 431,000 likes on his films, a significantly cry from the tens of millions of followers and billions of likes of the most well known TikTokers. Nonetheless, there is surely an audience for his content, in which he bravely loves his spouse and other furthermore-dimension women. His most preferred TikTok video clips function his track “Chubby Sexy” and present Tripp dancing near and pointing at women of all ages whom he has deemed as such.

As opposed to the mixed response to his now-notorious Instagram write-up, the reaction to his TikToks have been astonishingly optimistic, at the very least in just the confines of his comment segment. “‘Chubby Sexy’ has gotten so substantially like on TikTok,” Tripp explained to MEL in a the latest interview. “I just love how there’s a whole body-optimistic class of TikTok which is encouraging to all dimensions. Some individuals have a tendency to forget about that this full viral ‘curvy spouse guy’ point started out because I wrote a heartfelt tribute to my spouse about how lovely she is and how captivated I am to her.” Really don’t get worried, Robbie. We did not forget.

Nonetheless, his most preferred TikToks come to feel like his viral Instagram put up place to new music. There is frequently an unmistakable air of self-congratulation or uncomfortable objectification. His TikTok very best exemplifying this is also his most seen — a person in which a bikini-clad female is dancing to “Chubby Sexy” while he is just … there. Likewise, they’re being celebrated for undertaking the bare bare minimum in terms of human body positivity and, eventually, profiting off of pseudo-feminist suggestions. Even so, Tripp would most likely argue that this criticism is just unwarranted negative vibes. “If everyone hated my viral submit about Sarah, then they’re just hating a spouse who enjoys and adores his spouse,” he stated to MEL. “I by no means recognized the ‘backlash,’ and still don’t.”

To Tripp’s credit rating, he has undoubtedly trapped by his brand. Also, his wife does not look to brain. So, congrats to this male and his questionable content, I guess.

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